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The historic Archway Campus began its life as The Holborn and Finsbury Union Workhouse Infirmary. Designed by Henry Saxon Snell and built between 1877-79, the main four-storey building originally housed circa 625 beds and featured two wings;

the northern wing to treat male patients and

the southern wing to treat female patients.

A recreation area at the back was split down

the middle to keep patients apart.

In 1948, the dawn of the National Health Service,

it became part of Whittington Hospital, which it formed part of by merging with the nearby St Mary’s Hospital and Highgate Hospital. The Archway Wing, as it was now named, housed circa 416 beds.

The historic setting of the site has been significantly impacted by mid-20th century developments both on and off site. Gyratory works and the introduction of Tollhouse Way in the late 1960’s detached the site from its original apex, which was the Archway Tavern, leaving it isolated from Archway Town Centre. Works to the heritage buildings and the introduction of new buildings, such as the Furnival Building, have also had a negative impact on the character and setting of this historic site.

Archway Perspective Drawing.jpg

In 1998 the site was sold by the NHS to Middlesex University and University College London (UCL) who used the site as a medical training campus until 2012, when the buildings were deemed no longer fit for educational use. The buildings were subsequently sold to Peabody, a London-based housing association, in 2014.

In 2021, SevenCapital acquired the site from Peabody. Since acquisition, we have been working with LB Islington and other key stakeholders to develop our plans to rejuvenate the site. This will include restoring the historic buildings and introducing sensitively designed new build elements to bring the site forward as a residential-led mixed-use scheme which celebrates the history of the site whilst transforming it for modern day use that will provide benefits to the local community.


Plans to align with the draft allocation ARCH5 in London Borough of Islington Local Plan: 

  • Residential-led development – to include the provision of 50% affordable housing in line with London Borough of Islington policy. 

  • Student housing element to the scheme. 

  • Positive contribution to the public realm with active frontages to the south of the site.  

As the site forms the Holborn Union Infirmary Conservation Area (CA41). Designed by Henry Saxon Snell in the late 1870s, it is noted that subsequent later additions to the site and alterations to the site layout have impacted upon the character and setting of these historic buildings. The development of the site shall be sensitive to and enhance the setting of the heritage assets.

The site falls partially within Islington Local Views LV4 and LV5, from Archway Road and Archway Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

2. The Site Planning Policy_.jpg

Urban Design Proposal

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